How do I get to Lookout Lounge?

We are located at 322 South 72nd Street, just south of 72nd and Farnam. If you are heading north on 72nd St, you will need to make a U turn at Farnam and then take a right into the parking lot AFTER the Firestone Tire shop and before the Mattress Firm store. If you are heading south on 72nd Street, you will simply pass Farnam St and take your right after the Firestone and before the Mattress Firm. If you're having problems finding us, call us at 402-391-2554 and we'll gladly help you find your way!

Can I get tickets at Lookout Lounge?

For most shows with pre-sale tickets, we do have tickets available at the venue. It's a good idea to call (402-391-2554) us and make sure we have them available before you drive out here though!

What is your ticket refund policy?

All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be given unless a show is cancelled. 

What if a show I have tickets for is cancelled? 

If the event has been cancelled, please return to the point of purchase for ticket refunds. Online sales are usually refunded within a few days of the event cancellation. 

Can my son/daughter attend a show with me without the parental consent form

Yes. If you are attending a show with your son or daughter, they do not need to have the parental consent form. This applies only to parents and legal guardians. 

Do you have parking available at the venue?

Yes. We have a big, well-lit parking lot available. If that is full, you can park behind the venue.

Can I bring my camera and/or video recording device?

Unless an artist requests otherwise, regular digital point & shoot cameras and smartphones are okay, but professional photography or video recording devices are not allowed without prior permission from the venue and band.

What should I do if I am being harassed or assaulted in any way by another patron?

We have clearly marked security personnel at all shows (they will either be wearing a neon yellow shirt that says "security" or a "Lookout Lounge" shirt, so find one of us and we will help the issue. We have zero tolerance for the harassment of our guests, so if someone feels the need to make themselves feel better, by threatening or harassing another Lookout guest, that person will be asked to leave our establishment. If the situation is more dire (i.e. you don't haveOur mission is to provide a fun, safe, all-inclusive environment for people to come and see some of their favorite bands/artists. Anyone that impedes us in living out this mission, is not welcome here. 

Alcohol/ID/ALL AGES Policies

If you plan on attending an event or just are coming in for a drink or two, please…

  • Bring a valid ID. You will not be allowed entry without one, and you will be carded. It doesn’t matter if you have been here before, or if you’re in a band, or you look like you’re 50. You will be required to show us your ID and we cannot let you in without one. Valid IDs per the State of Nebraska are: "a valid drivers or operators license of any state, state identification card, military identification card, alien registration card or passport." Expired IDs are not acceptable.
  • For all ages shows, anyone under the age of 18 will need to provide a signed and notarized parental consent form from the city of Omaha. (Note: EVERYONE still needs to provide a valid ID at all ages shows).
  • Anyone caught aiding a minor in the consumption of alcohol will be banned for life. A lot of great people and bands depend on us to provide a place for them to play and hang out. If your actions jeopardize this in anyway, we’ll take the appropriate actions.
  • Minors are not allowed re-entry into the venue, so if you are under 21 please do not leave the venue. You will not be allowed back inside if you do.
  • Drink responsibly. If you’ve had a few too many, please don’t drive home. We’ll call a cab for you. Seriously.
  • No drinks are allowed outside. This includes non-alcoholic drinks or alcoholic beverages that you brought yourself. 
  • Outside beverages are not allowed inside.


Bands looking to play here, please email Please provide us with all of the information that we need to book you. This includes:

Your band name: This one seems obvious, but we actually get e-mails that just say, “Hey dudes, you should book my band.” 

Genre/influences/”sounds like”: Give us an idea of what you sound like. We’re going to check it out anyway, but it’s nice to know what we’re getting ourselves into! ;-)

Links to your website, your Facebook page, Bandcamp and any other sites you think we should check out: If we haven’t heard of you, we’re going to stalk the hell out of you on Facebook and try to find out as much information on you as possible. Make it easy on us, by giving us the links to your social media sites and somewhere where we can check out your tunes. 

If you’re from out of town, have you played in Omaha before?:  If you mention specific times, venues, bands you’ve played with, we’re more likely to be interested in booking your band. This will help us figure out what bands you might go on a bill with and what kind of draw you may have here.

Also, if you’re out of town, and we may not have heard of you, it never hurts to have a local band or two lined up a support: If we haven’t heard of you and you’re not from Omaha, try to get a few locals on board before getting ahold of us. If you do the legwork of getting a bill together for us, we’re more likely to offer you a show. 

Most of our shows are booked by outside promoters: If we're unable to book your show through the venue, hit up one of the promoters we work with regularly. More often than not, you'll have more luck dealing with one of those promoters than with our own booking people. If you want recommendations on which promoters might be interested in your band, please feel free to email us and ask.

Note to all bands/artists: If you have racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other sort of hateful material, this is probably not the venue for you, so please don’t even bother. 

If you are in a band/artist that gets booked at Lookout:

Please help promote your show: We promote our shows as much as we can through fliers, social media and various other internet outlets, but the best way to get people to get to come out to your shows is for you to self-promote. Invite your Facebook friends to and share the event page, pass out fliers (come into the bar and pick some up from us), show up to other shows and talk to people about your shows, and do whatever you can to get people out. This is a competitive industry, and the bands/artists (and venues) that work the hardest are the ones that succeed.

Try not to overplay: Playing shows is fun, but when you’re playing three times in one week, you’re most likely hurting your draw for all of those shows. We don’t have any sort of rules or contracts regarding this, but try to be smart about it. We won’t be offended if you can’t play a show, because you are already playing four shows that month (we’ll actually appreciate the honestly). 

Show up on time: Generally, load-in is 30-60 minutes before doors open, so unless another load-in time is specified, please show up accordingly. If your band isn’t here for your set, you probably won’t get to play, so please show up on time. If you’re the first band, go ahead and start setting your gear up on stage (but as a courtesy to our patrons, please don't start playing until the sound person says it's okay to start line checking). If you’re playing later in the night, please be prepared for a quick set change. Do not start loading in until you check with the show's promoter. If you have questions on set up, please ask the promoter or sound person.  

Bring your IDs: We are a bar. You need to have your ID. If you don’t, we can’t let you in, so please help us out and bring your ID.

If your band has minors: Please review the liquor laws section (above) and if needbe, have any members that need signed and notarized parental consent forms have them to present at the door. Unfortunately, if you are under 18 years old, we cannot let you perform without one. This applies to out of town bands as well, so please get this taken care of before driving all the way to Omaha. Also, re-entry rules apply to minors in bands as well. So please load-in/out and come right back into the venue and stay there, otherwise we cannot allow you re-entry.

Alcohol laws: Please refer to these above. These all apply to you. We appreciate every musician that performs here, but if you choose to disregard these laws, you are putting our liquor license in jeopardy, and you will not be invited back.

Set up quickly: We generally allow support acts 15 minutes for set-up. Any time spent over the allotted time will start cutting into your set time. If you are scheduled to end at a certain time, you will be be cut off at that time (the sound person will let you know when you have one more song left in your set). We don't enjoy having to cut a band's set short, but most touring packages and headlining acts want to go on at their scheduled set time, and it is our job as a venue to make sure that that happens.

After your set, please load your equipment off the stage in a timely manner: Please be considerate to the next band and get your equipment loaded out immediately after your set. We try to keep shows going in a timely manner, so please help us out with this.


If you are promoting a show at Lookout, please show up (on time) to your show: Unless other arrangements have been made with the venue, you are expected to be here when the bands arrive (usually 30 minutes before doors). It’s your show, so make sure that you are here to make sure it runs properly.

Promote!: This seems too obvious, but it needs to be said. Your primary job is to make sure that there are people at the show. And if they don’t know about it, they won’t come. Please make sure that there is a Facebook event page made for the event and that there are posters/handbills in the venue at least one month prior to the show. Invite people to the event and make sure that the bands on the bill are doing the same. Get fliers out to the bands to hand out and in any local businesses that you feel might have patrons that would be interested in the show. If you can’t get fliers out anywhere else, at least make sure that they are at the venue. We have hundreds of people coming through every week that already are going to shows, who might just be interested in yours. And of course, word of mouth is the best way to get people excited about your shows. Go to other shows and support other bands/promoters, pass out some fliers and talk about your shows. 

Don’t dick over the bands: If you agreed to a rider, provide the rider. If you agreed to a guarantee, pay the guarantee. If you offered hospitality buyouts, pay up. If a show that you agreed to put on, doesn’t do as well as you thought it would, that’s on you. Learn from mistakes and next time promote harder, get different local support, don’t offer a huge guarantee, whatever... But if you screw over your bands, we won’t be working with you again. Simple as that. 

Only create bills that make sense: It does nobody any good when you put together a bill that doesn’t make sense. Booking four unknown touring bands on a bill isn’t doing anyone any favors and you won’t draw. Doing a seven band bill on a Tuesday night is ridiculous (because who wants to see that many bands on a Tuesday night?) Also make sure your cover charge makes sense. No one wants to pay $10 to see 4 local bands, who just played last week for $5.