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Lookout Lounge is a venue in the center of Omaha, NE (just south of 72nd & Dodge) that is dedicated to bringing the best underground punk, metal, hardcore, grindcore, metalcore, black metal, death metal, ska, ska-punk, hip-hop and everything in between. We even host some comedy shows once in a while. But mostly, we're just a cool little dive punk rock/metal bar with a venue attached. 

We believe that drinks should be cheap, the music should be loud, shows should run on time, and that everyone should be allowed to have a fun, safe experience. Whenever possible our shows are all ages, because, just like Whitney Houston, we believe that children are our future. 

If you're attending a show here please bring a valid ID or parental permission slip if you are under the age of 18 (you can find that here). Please respect our venue, our staff and fellow show goers. And most of all, have fun. Dance. Slam. Two-Step. Mosh. Skank. Circle Pit. Have a good time. Be safe. Be respectful and take care of each other. Treat Lookout like your home and we'll treat you like family. Cheers!